Saturday, June 11, 2011

Act Two Scene Four

You ever seen a grown man naked?



Showing my age.


I've been watching, in between rehersals. I got a role in a major theater production somewhere in the city. Look for Maurice! We'll be big!

 In the meantime, I'm trying to get a preliminary story idea for a Slender Man Play into the right hands. It's a little hard convincing people of the merits of an internet fad, but in the age of spiderman the musical things seem to be possible.

How many views does Marble Hornets have these days?

There's a market, for sure.

I keep watching you people. Climb, fall, climb, fall, climb, fall, reappear, shout a challenge, climb fall, organize, fall enmasse

Heh, when I was a little boy, I loved to act. Brian and I would always act out our little stories, whatever we had read or heard or watched, and Rachael and Sarah and our parents would watch and laugh and clap when we were done.

We were all three of us, best friends our whole lives.

I'll never forget the day we finally got Rachael out of the audience, and onto our little stage with us.

She sang like an angel.

But she acted like shit.


  1. Ah. Slenderman the play.

    Either the greatest idea ever had, or perhaps the stupidest. Maybe both.

  2. Sounds like vaudeville. But with less pies, and more standing around like an idiot.

  3. Slender Man: The Musical sounds like it'd attract more people.

    ...I hate how you're infecting people like this, though.

  4. Can the slender man sing? Would he have a monologue? The Mad Ventriloquist does not think this would sell very well.

    The Mad Ventriloquist also likes Airplane.

  5. @Over: If I could do music scores I would a musical but I'm just one guy, you know? I only have so many talents. One musnt get greedy!

    @Nick: I'd love to do vaudeville, and travel around selling snakeoils.

    @Dante: See Over.

    TMV TMV! I missed you!

    Nope, no singing or dancing or monologues. Maybe some fancy dancing though.

  6. The Mad Ventriloquist went somewhere?

    He would probably be great at tap dancing.

  7. I bet she did sing like an angel. Is there ever a time she will sing again?

    Tell me where you will play your performances. I may one day find you, watch you do what you do best.