Saturday, June 4, 2011

Well, I do apologize for the lack of updates. I was working at the soup kitchen last night.

I work in a little soup kitchen in Hoboken. I make simple lunches and serve them to the homeless of the area. I chose this one because the NYC ones are a little too crowded and theres more chance I'd actually have to do my real job, you know?

But I serve food to these people. I like doing it. It's a good way to give back to the community.

But it also works as a good way to see any new proxies or Runners in the area.

After a while, any runner or untended proxie will end up in a Soup Kitchen. Like me, they tend to avoid the bigger ones in NYC because those lines are atrocious.

It wasn't the reason I started working there, but down the line it became my secondary objective there.

I can't do anything productive anymore, without it being drawn in to this other thing.

But you get what you pay for. Hyuck Hyuck Hyuck.

 Anyways, things have been quiet lately. Quiet is good. I like quiet.

 Though I do prefer the noise and bustle. That's why I love the city, love the stage.

All the worlds a Stage and we are but players!

Did I say that already?


  1. Actually I don't think you've said that already. I like you, Maurice.

  2. I have to say I'm curious. What was the reason you started working there? I mean. I don't mean to pry or anything but yeah. I'm interested.

    I didn't expect you would be volunteering at a soup kitchen, but it's a damn good thing you do. :)


  3. The Mad Ventriloquist has had one thing leak into the rest of his life before. It is slightly irritating, but not much can be done he guesses. The Mad Ventriloquist is glad that Maurice does something he enjoys, even if there's a second purpose to it.

    Why is everyone in New Jersey?

  4. Good for you, proxy. You understand charity. And yet you work for a monster. Funny, the contradiction there.

    If you care for others, quit your second job.

  5. I don't actually live in Jersey. I live in New York City, but I'd rather not work in the kitchens there.

    It's complicated Lucas. I'll explain further later.

  6. Would you dance with me, Maurice? We'd set the stage on fire, I'm sure. Let me know sometime, I'd be glad to show you what the game was really all about.