Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Act Two Scene Three

Today I woke up early, got on my gardening gloves, and went out to the community garden.

My neighboorhood has a lot set aside where people grow veggies and stuff as a way to eat well on the cheap. However as people have jobs and shit people garden in shifts and the more work you put in the more you get out of it when the veggies come up. But I just work for free because I like to give back, and between acting gigs I literally don't have anything to do and insurance will be paying out for a long time, long enough to cover rent.

So I weeded out the lettuce and watered it (If its not watered early it'll start to welt, to late in the day and it'll start to burn due to the water) and then got in my car and drove out to Woodlawn

It was a pretty decent drive, but I got out there before to late and then it was a brief trip to the liquor store and a hop skip and a jump to the proper McDonalds. I guessed because it seemed like the most likely option.

I mumbled a few words in the parkinglot. I didn't really know what to say so I quickly proceeded to the next step.

I lifted the first of the champagne bottles I brought, Shouted "Minori!"Again and again as I threw the bottles at the Macdonalds. The bottles broke a window, shattered against the door, on the roof. Champagne went everywhere.

And then I drove home.

I hope Minori'dve liked that.


  1. She would've loved that.

    .... The Mad Ventriloquist thanks Maurice.

  2. Minori? I wish I knew the wonderful woman that would have loved that performance.

    One day, I'll have to find out who she really is.