Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Did I ever tell you about my uncle?

He played accordion really well. My family was stranded in Vermont, even though we were once wealthy train moguls because grandpa had moved a castle from England to Maine with the Train money, and the depression blew the rest of it.

I never saw the trains, because the money was gone before I was born the castles still up there somewhere falling apart in a state park or it was I havent looked at in years wait no I mean new hampshire I guess maybe not vermont though

Dad worked his whole life to keep me in school. He was never pleased I wanted to be an actor, but Uncle Vernon always approved.

Vernon played the accordion on the side. He was so good, he could have done it for a living I swear. But other things made him put that aside. He worked in the slaughterhouse. He'd sing in the mother tounge while cut cowsslaughtered sheeppricked pigs

He patted me on the head one day, and told me to be what I wanted to be

he died when i was very yuoung.

 He was as independent as a hog on ice

thats not what i wanted to talk about the show must go on fuck what was it

Im trying Im sorry Im trying Im trying


  1. When all you've got are Lies and Vaudeville, one of them has to take priority. Which is it, Maurice?

  2. Is this the sort of actor you want to be?

  3. You don't seem like the type of person who would choose this kind of life. If something happened to change it... well, something else can always happen to change it again. And it doesn't necessarily have to come from someone else.

    Just keep it in mind.

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  5. I see you slipping, I see you wondering. I hope some day you realize why your mask is falling.