Thursday, June 2, 2011

Act Two Scene one:Stage Directions

Nobody knows everything
We know this to be true
Everything is difficult
Except what's in front of you
But it's complicated even under your nose
Bullshit math equations
And your highs and your lows
And your manic depression
It comes and it goes
Your parasympathetic nervous system reacts
And you're in fight-or-flight mode
How's the world so small when the world is so large?

And what made the world,
could I please speak to who's in charge?
Everything is real but it's also just as fake
From your daughter's birthday party to your grandmother's wake
And your bi-polar illness, it comes and it goes
You parasympathetic nervous system reacts
And you're in
fight or flight
You're in fight
or flight
You're in fight or flight mode

I've tried to know which words to sing so many times
And I've tried to know which chords to play
And I've tried to make it rhyme
And I've tried to find the key that all good songs are in
And I've tried to find the notes to make that great resounding din


No matter who we are
There's a rapist and a Nazi
living in our tiny hearts
Child pornographers and cannibals, and politicians too
There's someone in your head waiting to fucking strangle you

So here's to you, Mrs. Robinson

People love you more, oh nevermind,
oh nevermind
In fucking fact, Mrs. Robinson
The world won't care whether you live or die,
live or die
In fucking fact, Mrs. Robinson,
They probably hate to see your stupid face, your stupid face
So here's to you, Mrs. Robinson,

You live in an unforgiveng place.


I have a story to tell.


  1. Maury. Why is my blog linked to that "Rapists and Nazis" line? You are thinking of TOM. Not me.

  2. Sorry, Tom doesn't have a blog.

    And you fit there the best, out of the rest. Did I offend you? I apologize.

  3. Macbeth, Macbeth, Macbeth, Macbeth...

    Oops. I meant the Scottish Play.

    No I didn't. Macbeth, Macbeth, Macbeth...

  4. By all means, share your story. After all, you have a captive audience.

  5. And thank Father he doesn't have a Blog. We don't need more Zombies around here. We already have Sagey.
    So yes, lets hear your story. I admit, I am curious about you myself, Maury. And please. Tell it in the most dramatic way possible.

  6. Aw, I'm not linked? How disappointing.

    And Hakurei and Morningstar are right. You do have fourteen followers, you might as well tell us about yourself.

    Haha. Captcha: Martyred

  7. Oh yes. Tell us your story. I cannot wait to hear it.

  8. Stories should always be told. And as long as he's here, The Mad Ventriloquist shall be listening.

    Unless he's passed out. Which happens sometimes.

  9. Maybe he's already telling us the story. Just a little piece at a time.

  10. You just gave me the most wonderful inspiration. Oh, I will upset so many soon. I want to make just such an example, though not nearly the same.

    Am I making sense? Probably not. Oh well, dear.