Thursday, June 9, 2011

SO I went around the city today spary painting Operator Symbols on random things. This serves two three purposes. The first, It will infect hopefully people who don't know about Him, thus taking the heat off a bit. Second, It'll freak out any get any runners off balance in the area. 
 third its a warning forgive me forgive me forgive me

So, I've been feeling pretty good lately. Lots of genre blind protagonists running amok as usual. I hear an acting role might be due for me soon. I'll be more busy if that does happen.

Acting and the insurance money covers my bills and expenses pretty easily. But I do like to act, and it also helps me do my Job.

please please I have a story to tell I have a story to tell I have a story to tell I ave a story to tell I have a story to tell about


  1. Infecting more people won't make him leave you alone.

  2. Calm down, focus and keep telling your story. I know you're scared, but doing this stuff will only hinder others...


  3. we would hear more, tell, in thiss dark we listen.
    there will be pain but it iss no thing
    for you.
    let go of your fear
    and come home.

  4. An infection is a terrible thing. That in itself is a story.

  5. Tell me your story. Tell me of Minori, and Rachel, and Brian, and this insurance that helps you continue to live after they are gone.

    Tell me your story. I will always listen.