Tuesday, December 13, 2011

In the end we all face a curtain. Whether it be the last glimpses of family members over the hospital bed, or the crash of an explosion or the flash of a gun muzzle. The Curtain is important. Unless it gets drawn the shows not over. It'll just keep going even if the audience starts clapping.

 So many closed plays, so many ended tales. Some the average actor will have never heard of. The same tales over and over again like vaudville playing every night same act different towns and no one even knows.

I'm done with the Vaudeville. I won't be held down by petty allegiances and constraints. I've heard horrors from both sides of the line. And theres so many tragedies. So many neverending stories. I'm gonna close 'em.

Police are looking for the presumed killer. They think its Triads. Apparently Wallace had some gang connections. Perhaps this will lead us to Capo?

Setting the scene is important, I believe. I am working on it.

i think im being followed


  1. Just hang in there, that's all I ask.

  2. Same tales over and over. You can say that again. But don't, because it would be annoying and repetitive.

  3. Be careful, you can't afford to lower your guard if someone's following you.