Sunday, December 4, 2011

And we're back.

One night Maurice took me aside and handed me a pile of clothing

"Listen here dollface. A disguise isn't about what you are wearing or how you sound or any of that shit. A disguise is about acting. Have a character in mind. Change your clothing, your hair. Match that role. Act Your Part!"


It's gotten cold so fast.

I've taken to creeping around the city, as one person, than another. Even those who saw me, once upon a time, would recognize me no longer.

I dyed my hair in a Texaco bathroom. I stared into the mirror in the flickering light for a long time.

Blonde Hair. Blue Eyes. Even  a-a wave to my hair now.

I stared into my eyes, now someone elses. It was...unfamiliar. I've been struggling with self for so long. I've not known who I am not had a purpose.

But now, under it all, I'm starting to see me.

I've been tailing this guy. One of the Masked. An Actor. like me.

A family man, goes out during the day, stalks and hunts. Hires hookers, drinks, goes home to his loving family.

I have a plan in motion

Let us see what I can do.

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