Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Her name is Roxxy

Roxxy wasn't the name she was born with. She was born Rhea Anne Stanson. Her parents tried to get her to go to college but she rebelled, dropped out and got mixed in with the wrong crowd. She found her way to the big city and began to live the "Glamorous" lifestyle.

 She dyed her hair.

Changed Her name to "Roxxy"
She developed a penchant for bad boys, started doing coke and drinking every night. Eventually, she found her way to one particular club.

Perhaps our male friend will run into her. Maybe she'll get close to him.

Roxxy is someone I've been Before.

Maurice trained me to be able to shift personas. He taught me to live into my roles, no matter how small. Play the part, be the part. I was Roxxy, or a woman like her, for over a week at his urging.

Slipping into her again is not so difficult.

She is sort of like me in a way. We both are running from past failure. We both drowned ourselves in a fake, superficial life. Roxxy just hasn't found herself yet, hasn't found her purpose yet. She thinks she can find it in a man's arms and feels the slow creep of age upon her.

Roxxy and I are not so different.

I followed our unknown hunter to his club of choice tonight. A place called Libation. I stepped back and let Roxxy take over. Roxxy walked into the club, slipped up to the bar, giggled at a man who bought her the first drink and stepped out onto the floor, losing him. Roxxy didn't care. Men were things to work around to Roxxy. She knew them well, and found her target.

The man with the buzzcut across the room, already chatting up two drunk college girls. He liked them young.

Challenging, but not impossible.

Roxxy strode to him, showing off her curves in the dress that covered my scars oh so well, makeup hiding the rest. Roxxy pulled him to his feet and purred into his face. He was uncertain, but excited. Classic hunter, unable to react quickly to a change in his plans.

Roxxy ground against him slowly, whispering sensuously into his ear.

 Roxxy ran her hand down his chest. He quivered. "I'm Roxxy" she purred into his ear.

"Tony. That's my name"

He was high as balls. Perfect. Roxxy knew that cocaine users have a higher sex drive. He wouldn't even need to know any more about me. Just that he wanted me. Wanted Roxxy.

She led him outside before long. He did a line of coke in his car while Roxxy rubbed his back. Thankfully he didn't offer me any. I had been drinking the whole time, and acting as though I was giggly, falling down drunk, but still so desirous of this monster.

Finally it was time. He began to undress Roxxy, Roxxy began to undress him. Roxxy pushed him down, gently, poised herself above him, and smiled.


Do you know what the Rape-aXe is?

It is an anti-rape device designed by a South African woman. It works like a condom, only the woman puts it...inside herself.However it is more than a condom. A Rape-aXe condom has sharp, sharp barbs on the inside. sort of like teeth.

They dig in, and cannot be removed except for by surgery.



I tied his coked out hands behind him and thrusted.  He screamed in agony, a wail unlike anything I've ever heard before.

"Okay Tony, this is how its going to fucking work. You tell me what I need ta know and this stops faster, got it?"

He screamed and cried. A man who fought and killed for a living, no man really, could withstand this pain. Brian had always taught me to attack here. "It's the one thing that controls all guys, you know." He said once, laughing.

I had pulled him out of me, finally, leaving the sheath of blades on him. I couldnt really remove it, except for by force. So I began to pull it.


"T-tony Monta-"

"No, your name, Proxy. Name!"

"I-I'm Wallace."

"Alright Wally. Listen here. I want you to tell me everyone you've been hunting. Now."

I pulled, he screamed and spilled a list of names. Many names. Tony here is a busy boy.

"I need to know your superior's name. Now."

He was sobbing, crying. "His name is Capo. He's based out of Union City I-"


and the rest went on from there. I killed him after. I'm no monster.

My next step will be Capo. I'm...

I haven't had a man touch me in that way in years.

Having that power, the violence

it feels good.

Better than the mutilation. Better than the doubt. There is something real in killing.

And if I'm left to clean up the stage

I will strike the set.


  1. Holy fuck, I want one. Be careful, Rach.
    Don't lose yourself in the kill. That's rather easy to do.

  2. Eugh, and they say I'm fucked up.

  3. I am with Elaine,
    on this one.
    Emotions cloud

    But if this is
    what you wish to
    do. I cannot, no,
    will not stop you.

  4. tIcK t0cK g0eS tHe Cl0Ck

    cant see whatthey were at allright


  5. I can see why you were watching my blog. I'm sorry. It's tough dealing with all these personas in your head isn't it? No...this is so much worse then my own. Sorry.

    And I'm sorry for commenting on here earlier, when I was over-taken by another identity of mine.

    Be careful Rachel.