Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Im not a bad person

I swear I'm not

None of us were we just didnt know better didnt know anything

But we learned and we lived!

I've spent the last few days just brooding. Brooding and packing. Organizing things. Figuring things out.

There are things I must get accomplished, whether by the Fabulous Maurice (yours truly) or by Rachael

Things I must get done at a later date include:

1) Murdering the FUCK outta that Chesire fucked-faced twatcunt bitchass titshit.  NO ONE HURTS MY LITTLE GIRL.

2) Actually telling my story instead of acting like a stupid weakassed bitch who can only cry and sob. And leave baffling cryptic hints that don't match to anything.

3) Meeting up with Ronan. Because shit, as much as I'm loath to admit it, he's one of the few things holding us at arm's length from HIM right now.

4) As related to 3, Getting out of this house and getting a mode of transportation. Rachael has left enough shit  unattended to for FAR to long, just laying about in this house and sometimes doing ineffective things and minor charity work. I DIDN'T SET THIS UP SO SHE COULD DO THAT.

5) Don't get murdered by an Abomination by finding non-murder ways to appease it.


And look, ladies and gentlemen, listen to me. Maurice was never a bad person. I'm not a bad person. I'm just less than an arms length from a Horror and things bend things break

I'm dealing with four now. This guy could help. Heaven knows We can pay whatever he asks.

She'd want it to be Spencer. Which is fine, I guess.

Rachael will be coming back soon. But until then...

I have an old friend to track down.

see rachael look i can do it too




  1. I'll believe that when I see it, Maurice. Let the woman have her own head back. She needs to learn to run her own life again.

  2. Actually, Elaine, I think that's Brian.

  3. ... Well uhm.

    You're a complicated person, and thats about all I can say.

  4. As I enter Stage Right. As for complicated, four voices will do that to you.