Monday, July 4, 2011

when we got out of high school the three of us watched the fireworks this day and even though none of us were single even though he had promised and I had promised our intrepid hero took rachael away from the noise the ligths the sparks and he took her to the top of the hill overlooking there whole world and he kissed her and with that kiss our world begaN TO FAAL APART

and because even then brian was watching and he wept for the loss of both his lo9ves and my heart broke as well

though no one knew it

play the part be the part play the part be the part



  1. Maurice. You're starting to worry me. If this is starting to get to you, then... please. Just pull back for a while.

  2. Are you alright? Don't... Don't...
    I dunno. Be safe.
    You seem... you seem like a good guy, and I would hate for something more to happen to you.

  3. Maurice, regret is the road to madness. Accept what occurred and you will be a better man for it.

    If you regret your decisions, you are disowning yourself. Not a part of yourself, the entirety of yourself.

  4. Play the part, sing the song, dance among all the other puppets.

    I'm sorry for the days of past, for the mistakes made and the tears fallen. I am so sorry.