Sunday, July 24, 2011

Act Five Scene One

I shouldve done something

its all my fault its all my fault no i refuse to take the burden of a life that I barely impacted

the gift I sent, I hoped they liked it even if now

it was a pair of crystal candlesticks, each cut so they always seemed to sparkle and shift with the light

but Im glad I didnt go to the wedding. I couldn't have faced myself in the aftermath.

The third person of note from the bar. Doc, the bartender, owner and operator. Doc fought in Nam, or so he claims. He says he's been haunted ever since the days of heavy fighting in the undergrowth, and that worse things than HIM lurk in the hearts of men. He wasn't fazed at all when the tall Spectere the locals called in whispered tounges the white man, or as he says they say in the native tounge, "trang nagooey dan ong" followed him home from the war. He thought it was just another form of PTSD and ignored it for years until he encountered other people who had seen him as well. Then he reckoned that if this was real, and a lot of people were impacted, a little place for them to drink and relax in each others company might not be a bad idea, maybe even let out some rooms. So he turned his parents tennament into a little Bar and hotel and settled into the routine of a barkeep for the next 30 years. He says that The White Man has left him alone, for the most part ever since. He's not been moved touched or harassed in a long time, though he reckons its cause he lets folks like me and barry in.

Have I talked about barry before of maybe I should I gotta distr

Barry is this dude, you know, that dresses like some douchebag from the 1820's or something or some mideval noble and uses scenes from Poe works as his modus operandi. He's often in the bar with me, because as far as I can tell he doesnt get much work because of his low sucess rate.

So I'm Drinking heavily last night trying to forget that I am what I am when I see barry stroll in. He takes a seat next to me at the bar and starts talking about the job and his buisness.

Barry likes to try to slip things into peoples food, and then wall them into buildings. Or else wear a fucking carnival mask and pretend he's Red Death and then tackle the target. Yeah hes a tackler.

And hes telling me all about the trials of bricking someone into a wall and how long it takes but how fortunate he is that his job as a mason (I didnt know masonry was still a thing) was so helpful and

of fuck I cant do this right now





  1. Maurice. If you wish to speak in private, I can be contacted at I cannot insure that I will be able to help, but I will certainly be able to listen.

  2. Maurice, none of us could have done anything really. It hurts to say it, it really does, but it's true. There is only one person who's to blame and that's the fucker that killed him.

    Mourn him as you will, but don't blame yourself. if you want to talk, or even maybe meet. Joel and I are probably heading out in a couple of days. We've stayed here too long.


  3. You feel guilty?

    I envied them the partying and wedding. Reassured myself they were suffering too. Wrote it into a post. The post is gone. But I still said it. Still thought it.

  4. Maurice. It's not your fault. Cam... he loved them. He pulled them out and used them that night. Talked me into finding him a pair of candles to put in them.

    Don't blame yourself, Maurice. And thank you.

  5. The Mad Ventriloquist wants to say something. But he can't think of anything that would help.

    He is sorry he can't go to New York. He would really have liked to meet Maurice.

  6. Maurice. Poe found the bar. We're coming.

    -Don't Shoot The Messenger-

  7. Heh.
    S'not going to be Him that kills us, it seems.
    This next shot goes to you.

  8. Show's over.



    I don't believe it.

    Barry is a man I would never want to meet.

    Stay safe, Maurice.