Saturday, July 9, 2011

Oh hey guys

whats up lately? I've been reading the blogs today, getting all caught up.

I've been pretty busy. Gotta keep busy. A friend of a friend brought my play to this bigwig producer for a major TV station (won't say which) and he wants me to write a series instead of this play. If the pilot does well with the best audiences, it might make the big times!

Somethings are important in life.

I don't like the way you've been talking about me lately though. As if I'm something to be pitied.  "Powh liddle Mawice...How sad."

I see it in your words and on your faces.

When I was thrity in my first year in the service I was left autonomous. I still am now, I never see or hear from anyone else in the Service, none of the other Actors. I had to guess and use the itches to figure out when I needed to act.

Do you know what I mean when I refer to the itch?

its an itch in the back of my skull, in the pits of my chest. It scratches and scratches as things get worse as I am inactive enough. I was scared back then but I was also merciless.

There was a man. He was a new runner. Had a family, Mom, Dad, brother. They were twins. He had told his whole family, I uncovered, as the whole family had a hunted look as they crouched in my soup kitchen.

I gave them my most kind smile and made sure they got a little extra food, and sliped them a twenty. I told them to be careful.

Later, I ran into them "by chance" in the park. I knew what I had to do by then.

I used all the skills of my trade and wove a story of being a runner and knowing a place of safety where they could rest indoors for the night and they without even thinking about it, without even worrying, took me at my word.

I killed his brother, shedding his blood over the floor of the old appartment. I slashed his father until he screamed, until he begged for the death of his sons, rather than himself, and left him to bleed to death.

Then I visited the mother. She had been tied to a chair. She begged,

"DO with me what you want but please dont hurt my familydonthurt my family"



continued without mercy


I let the boy back into the world.

play the part, be the part


  1. I don't know whether to congratulate you or condemn you for letting the boy back.

  2. Did you enjoy it? Did you enjoy torturing and killing them? I'm curious.


  3. Joel, I felt nothing.

    I promise you that. There were no feelings at all.

  4. I wish there was one.

    There's no point in vaudville.

  5. ... Right. I didn't show up around here for a dick waving show.

    Either you want us to treat you like a person, or you don't. Make up your mind, and stop waffling.


  6. The Mad Ventriloquist and Maurice are very similar.

    He doesn't pity Maurice. He doesn't condemn him.

    He merely listens. And understands.

  7. I dunno who the fuck you are, man, but you seem like an asshole. Just saying.

  8. Judgement is a finality.

    I refuse to be final.

  9. I won't judge, I'll play my part right next to you, my dear.

    Don't hesitate, don't feel the pain, be the one you know you have to be right now.

    You took them from the pain they would one day feel. I'm so sorry it was left to you to do, though. Don't hate yourself, for the pain would have been greater otherwise.