Friday, May 20, 2011

Act One, Scene Two

Well, some people were curious enough to make this journey.

Thank you. I am a man who loves an audience.

 Well friends, it's that time again.

 I see the same patterns over and over again. You people. Why don't you ever learn?

Do you people not read each others writing? Is that it?

This game you all play. It's a lot like gambling. No, it IS gambling.

You guys, you don't know when you have to many cards, or when to fold. Its baffling to me.

At the same time, you people sometimes hold when you have no chance of winning.

I've been watching you clowns for a while and its the same cycle after same cycle. One group comes in, that group becomes insane/jaded/dead and stops reaching out, or stops REALLY reaching out. And then a new group comes in, is ignored by the last group and the cycle repeats.

That's why I'm here.




  1. Just wondering: how do you know that you're not a part of this cycle?

    And it's a bit pretentious to set yourself up as head of the household, yeah? :/


    We all get dealt cards, see?

    And the house always wins.

    But its a bit different from where I'm standin.

  3. Royal flush, straight flush, and four of a kind beat a full house, sweetie.

  4. It all sounds like entropy to me. Order will near always descend into chaos. Especially when in the presence of a chaotic entity like Him. Kind of like a House of Cards meeting a hurricane.


  5. Heh. There are no bad hands, only bad players. And I'm pretty sure everyone's a bad player next to Slendy, whether they realize it or not. But hey, I haven't joined the game quite yet. Who am I to say? (especially since I suck at poker metaphors)

    ...Can I call you mom from now on?

  6. @ Aimee: of course, sweetie. :)

    as to the rest of your post, you hit the nail on the head, the cards dont matter because the He has the deck. People who think they have the right cards are fools.

    @Joel: Order and Chaos are terms created by humans and not what this is. This is far to organized to be chaos. Chaos inherently can't have cycles.

    But I think I get what you mean.

  7. Maurice: I agree completely. I was more focusing on human mental states of order and chaos as opposed to His... I really don't want to say "plan," but it's the only way I can put it into words.

    Regardless, it is good to see someone point out the big picture every so often. We DO need to reach out past our group of people who started out around the same time.

    Also; "Mums the word." I tried to work out a way to put that in a sentence with it making sense, but I couldn't, so I put it here. ^_^


  8. The Mad Ventriloquist is puzzled. How can Maurice be a mother, when he is a he? Has The Mad Ventriloquist stumbled into fanfiction? He is very uncomfortable there. Or has he just confused Maurice's gender?

    The Mad Ventriloquist is very bad a cards. He always folds.

  9. Oh my GOD. Are you... Are you one of us Maurice? I hope not. Dear GOD I hope not. If so, we have reached the bottom of the barrel. Scraping out the slime in the depths. Whatever happened to all the GOOD proxies...
    And please tell me that display picture is not of you. Please. I might just have to defect if so.

  10. Morningstar, its a pleasure to hear from you! love the work. I'm a fan of the cartoon villainy.

    However, I take GREAT offense to being called a proxy. Proxies, proxies are puppets who spew cryptic bollocks and tackle people. Proxies wear halloween masks and leave notes with His symbol.

    That's so not me.

    But seriously. You once played baseball with a baby. I don't think you can mock my webhandle.

    Are you your profile picture?

    I'm not. Would I wear that shirt in a heartbeat if I could? Yes.

    You do things your way, I do things my way. I don't wanna rub anyone the wrong way.

    Except everyone.

  11. Ventriloquist! Do you use puppets?

    We could do a road show, charge a small fee, go from town to town.

    And in this game, my esteemed companion, folding is sometimes the best move one can make.

    I prefer Go Fish anyways.

  12. The Mad Ventriloquist often uses puppets. Dummies scare people sometimes. The Mad Ventriloquist thinks there are scarier things out there. Like grasshoppers.

    The Mad Ventriloquist loves Go Fish. Perhaps he and Maurice should go town to town. Much could be gained.

  13. What am I?

    What AM I?

    More to follow Morning Glory! More to follow!

    A person as illustrious as you deserves a full answer!

    @TMV: I love Go fish but no one plays with me twice, huh? go figure.

    Much could indeed be gained! Much could also be lost, though. Ahhh I kid I kid.

  14. Much can always be lost. Perhaps that is why The Mad Ventriloquist always folds.

  15. I gotta say, I gamble just a tad different from the old crowd. I write to teach, in the hope that someone will finally listen and learn.

    Pipe dreams, there's nothing better to cure them than the sad reality.