Sunday, May 22, 2011

Act One Scene Three

Sorry for the delays! I've been busy busy busy. Spinning wheels, dealing cards, cheating lying gambling acting. You know. Day to day stuff.

Someone asked who I was. Good Ol' Morning Glory.

I suppose I should follow through with an answer in detail such an illustrious person would deserve.

I kid I kid. You people don't get to know shit about me. Not yet. Not now.

Let's just say I owe HIM a favor.

yeah that seems about right...

Anyways, NEWS!

I've been working on some fanworks! Kay if you somehow read my blog, don't worry I gots something special fo' youse.

Mostly though I've been working on some fanart for my favorite pairings. That should be up tomorrow. 

For now though I have a date to see a man about a dog~


Am I being literal? Am I being cryptic? OOOOOOhhhhhhhhh Spoooooky! 

But no seriously I'm going to find that neighbors dog and gut it. Last time it barks this late for no goddam reason.


  1. ...Pairings? Oh dear. You're a shipper.

  2. Well, this should be...interesting, at least. I love fan works, but only if they're good quality. Just so long as you don't end up like Placeholder did...

    Out of curiosity, who all do you ship?

  3. I ship....

    Zerox Rika (Rika's on top)

    and Zack of Doing and Zeb. I'm working on a MASTERPEICE about them