Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Act One Scene Four

I've been thinking a lot lately about our jobs.

Our roles. Our Parts in His Play.

You want to know why I think there are two roles? His and Other?

Of course you do! That's why you come to Momma every time.

What do you get out of Proxies, Agents and the like?

You get an enemy. An enemy you can hit, talk to, reason with. You have an objective. Kill This guy, kill this enemy.  Once you've given up hope of beating HIM, you'll focus on the Proxies. You can beat these badguys.

Suddenly, you have hope. You beat this guy...maybe you can do more. Maybe its going to be you.

What do Proxies and their ilk get from this arrangement?

They get something to control. Proxies, Agents, they have no control they're scared, they have no hope.

But they can bring other saps down with them. Make them suffer as the Proxy suffers. They can't control their own lives but they can influence another. Suddenly, they have identity. I'm a villian. I'm bad.

And they get an end under some other saps heel.

But remember kids. Proxies ain't zombies. They're humans, like you or me.

specially me.

They cry, they miss their lives.

A wise man once said, when ya fight monsters, watch that you don't become one. When ya look into the abyss, it looks inta you.

Break too many faces with your heel, and someday you'll be the one being smashed.

I garuntee it.

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  1. Well, even though your picture pretty much sums up your general attitude, it is at least refreshing to see someone speaking rationally... more or less.

  2. Nietzsche, wise? Don't make me laugh.

    All these "PROXIES ARE PEOPLE TOO" posts are insanely depressing, although they do offer another perspective. Funny how Morningstar and Steward and Nil wouldn't agree with the aforementioned posts, though.

  3. I was trying to make a Joke, Dante dearest.

    Morningstar...Morningstar was a mess before He got him.

    The others, well....they think this way, though they might not themselves realize it. Just next time you hear someone bragging about their kills, think about this.

  4. The Mad Ventriloquist firmly believes that proxies are people. Not all people are great. Morningstar is a good example.

    The Mad Ventriloquist wishes to help all people, even proxies. Especially proxies. Although they are more likely to throw rocks at him.

    The Mad Ventriloquist can't help but wonder, did something happen to Maurice? Is he ok?

  5. Heh. Thanks TMV.

    I'm okay. It's THAT day.

  6. Jokes... Oh, right, sorry. Now I see it. Sorry, haven't slept for a while...

    And you're right. Actually, iirc, Nil mentioned not wanting to be a proxy at first in his blog.

  7. You seem to misunderstand me, Maurice.
    I do not "brag" about killing proxies.
    I do not feel like a "manly man".

    I simply state what I do day to day, which just so happens to be killing a lot of proxies. In fact, I think everybody's revealed something about themselves but you, Maurice.

    So, who the hell are you, apart from being a bit of a pompous dick?

  8. Fucking proxy. Make a good point though. We kill too quickly now. Unnecessary death and murder. We lose ourselves so fast.

    There is nothing sadder than a man who has lost himself.

    I pity the mindless. Those who choose this... fucking proxies.

  9. The secret no one likes to tell, is that the Proxies and the Runners and all the inbetween...

    They're just the same. And always will be.

    We will always be monsters, always be heroes. It's how we choose to live our lives. It's who we're forced to serve, or those we can't help but love that dictates what side we're on.