Thursday, January 12, 2012

I'm somewhere warm

I realized today I can't lift my right arm over my head.

I ignore it, ignore the sounds the car makes the stiffness in my body the sky turning from light to dark to light again

never stopping.

I paused at the rest stop where Wolf saved me.

I stood in front of Schrodinger's old home.

I drove to the ocean and turned around and headed back East

I can't live like this this this isnt life either.

why am i even doing this


  1. Rach, do you want to maybe meet up? Sounds like you could use some company

  2. Rachel, you need to find a free clinic and get your arm checked out. They almost never ask questions, and it is NOT SAFE to be injured or impaired in any way. Please.

  3. Sooner, rather than later would be the suggestion. If the bone is broken you don't want it setting all fucked up. Listen to the mad people!

  4. You know better than anyone why you're doing this.

  5. ... I... fuck. Going to be travelling soon.

    It'd be nice to see you again.

  6. I I want to see you again Spencer.

  7. You and I both know there's no turning back for either of us.