Monday, May 16, 2011

Enter Stage Left

Intermission has arrived

The stage is empty

for now.

The red velvet curtains are down. Someone coughs in the audience.A baby is crying softly somewhere near the back.

Suddenly, a spotlight focuses on center stage. The lights dim and from stage left

A man strolls onto the stage.

Dazzlingly handsome, his face launches a thousand ships every time he smiles. Women and men swoon alike for this paragon of beauty.  The crying baby stops when confronted with this splendor.

His eyes reflect a mind sharper than a thousand tacks, brighter then a diamond held aloft in the sun, clearer than a vial of air.

Dazzling beyond all compare, he bows quickly, no charmingly to the audience.

The audience, the other actors titter. Who is the glorious creature? Why has he deigned to join us?

The Man puts a finger against his lip.

Smiles gently

and begins to speak.

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